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SportCoach facilitates Touch coaching sessions for individuals, teams and coaches of all ages, levels and gender. 

If you are a social, club or rep touch player or coach looking for some higher level coaching to complement and improve your performance, register online now and take part.

Individual One on One, Group and Teams Coaching available. Times and venues arranged to suit.

You must register online at  website.

Sessions have a general focus on core and micro skills like catch and pass, ruck positioning, rucking the ball and enhancing game awareness and skills around subbing transitions, line attack and defensive policies.

Game concepts and strategies are also covered.


Our Girls 7s programme is specifically for 13 to 16 year olds inspired by the Olympic 7s and wanting to improve their knowledge and skills in the game of Rugby 7s

Sessions include - Individual skills, Team skills, Rules of Rugby and Strength and Conditioning.
Also micro skills including catch and pass, evasion, tackling, ruck skills, contact situations, kicking and relevant 7s concepts. 
so please register online at  so you do not miss out. 


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$150.00 for 4 week Rugby 7s Block : $40.00 per Individual 2 hour rugby 7s session $15.00 per 1 hour touch session : $60 per 5 hour touch seminar. $90 per 8 hour touch seminar Deposit into 12 3012 0779588 51 put name as reference